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Benefits of Effective Communication in your Career

Communicating effectively is a valuable asset for many activities in your personal life. Talking about your career, your way of written and oral communication is the base of your job type, promotion and professional reputation. Now the question is how effective communication skills benefit you in your career?

A Valuable Job Requirement

In careers requiring mental rather than labor, the only key to progress is through effective communication of knowledge, ideas and proposals, to others who need or should receive them.

If we read job opening advertisements in different newspapers, strong communication skills would be a must in most jobs’ description. If we talk about different job titles, communication requirements might be as follows:

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Types of Communication


Communication is a process of exchanging information, ideas, thoughts, feelings and emotions through speech, signals, writing, or behavior. In communication process, a sender(encoder) encodes a message and then using a medium/channel sends it to the receiver (decoder) who decodes the message and after processing information, sends back appropriate feedback/reply using a medium/channel.

Types of Communication

People communicate with each other in a number of ways that depend upon the message and its context in which it is being sent. Choice of communication channel and your style of communicating also affects communication. So, there are variety of types of communication.

Types of communication based on the communication channels used are:

  1. Verbal Communication
  2. Nonverbal Communication

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